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Find support and training documentation, staff handouts, videos and more.

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POS Resouces
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Inventory Control Icon
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Inventory Resources
Product Resources

Stock Records

PRO-1a Create a New Stock Record

PRO-1b Stock Enquiry (BOS)

PRO-1c Maintain a Stock Record

PRO-1d Maintain Scales Data

PRO-1e Link Stock Codes

PRO-1f Logical and Physical Deletion

PRO-1g Gift Pack Wizard

PRO-1h Using Stock Groups (HOS Only)

PRO-1i View SOH and Edit Product Information for Specific Stores

PRO-1j Stock Enquiry (BOS)

PRO-1k Maintain an Online Shop


PRO-2a In-store Immediate Price Changes (BOS)

PRO-2b In-store Schedule Changes (BOS)

 PRO-2c In-store Deals and Rebates (BOS)

PRO-2d Claim an In-Store Rebate

PRO-2e In-store Price Promotions (BOS)

PRO-2f In-store Points Promotions (BOS)

PRO-2g View Product Details and History (Mobile)

PRO-2h Change Retail Price (Mobile)

PRO-2i BPM Create Bulk Promotions or Deals

PRO-2j BPM Create Bulk Leading Promotions

PRO-2k BPM Enquiry and Deletion

PRO-2l Bulk-Edit Hosted and Directs Price Changes

PRO-2m Spare

PRO-2n Rounding Rules Utility

Pricing PRO-2o Spare

HOS Pricing

PRO-2p HOS Maintain Cost and Retail Price

PRO-2q HOS Price Promotions

PRO-2r HOS Points Promotions

PRO-2s HOS Deals Fact Sheet

PRO-2t HOS Create Supplier Rebates

PRO-2u HOS Claim a HOS Supplier Rebate

Discount Wizard

PRO-3a Overview of Discounts

PRO-3b Item Groups

PRO-3b Item Groups Maintenance Utility

PRO-3c Adding Criterion                                    View Video

PRO-3d Add a Discount Ticket

PRO-3e Enquire and Edit an Existing Discount

PRO-3f Activate a Discount at HOS                    View Video

PRO-3g Amount Off Item                                   

PRO-3h Percentage Off Item                               

PRO-3i New Price for Item (Multibuy)                 

PRO-3j Free Item                                                

PRO-3k Amount off Transaction                          

PRO-3l Percentage off Transaction                   

PRO-3m Nth Item Free

PRO-3n New Price for Item Group (Multibuy)

PRO-3o Fuel Offer Coupon                                

PRO-3p Staff (and other Privilege)                    View Video

PRO-3q Message Offers

Metcash HOST

PRO-4a Process HOST

PRO-4b Process Retail Offers


PRO-5a Request Tickets (Mobile)

PRO-5b Request Cutting Desk Labels (Mobile)

PRO-5c Set Label Locations (Mobile)

PRO-5d Print Markdown Tickets (Mobile)

PRO-5e Spare

PRO-5f Print Automatically Queued Tickets

PRO-5g Print Scheduled Changes Tickets

PRO-5h Print Replacement Tickets

PRO-5i Print Promotional Tickets by Indicator

PRO-5j Print Markdown Tickets

PRO-5k Print Free Form Tickets

PRO-5l Print Retail Offers and Discounts Tickets

BOS Resources
Product Resouces
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Technical Resources
Reporting Resources
Technical Resources

Location Setup

TECH-01a Add a New Store to a HOS

TECH-01b Add a New Register against a Store

TECH-01c HOS Cost Profiling

TECH-01d HOS Retail Profiling

TECH-01e Manually Export Changes from HOS to a Store

TECH-01f Configure POS Quick Items

TECH-01g Configure Media Packages                                  View Video

TECH-01h Configure a Unique Identifier for Stock Items

TECH-01i Configure POS BOS Reason Codes

TECH-01j Configure Operator Messages at POS

TECH-01k Configure an Electronic Cigarette Price Board

POS Setup

TECH-2a Configure Scannable Supervisor Cards

TECH-2b Spare

TECH-2c Configure Advanced Customer Search

TECH-2d Configure Customer Cards

TECH-2e Configure Department Points Multiplier

TECH-2f Configure 3rd Party General Payments at POS

TECH-2g Configure Deletion of Suspended Transactions

TECH-2h Configure Stock Messages at POS

TECH-2i Configure what Products can be Discounted at POS

TECH-2j Configure GiveX Gift Cards

TECH-2k Configure POS Customer Receipt Options           View Video 3.12

TECH-2l Configure a Loyalty Points Program

TECH-2m Configure the IGA Rewards Program

TECH-2n Configure a Rewards Stamps Program

TECH-2o Configure Mobile Saver (SMS) Program

Mobile Marketing Memo

TECH-2p Configure a Cash Clearance Alert at POS

TECH-2q Configure Layby

TECH-2r Configure Senior Discount

TECH-2s Configure Staff Discount

TECH-2u Configure a Credit Card Surcharge

TECH-2v Configure Zip and OpenPay Tender Options

TECH-2w Configure Barcode Types Accepted at POS

TECH-2x Configure Retender Previous Transaction Options

TECH-2z Configure Product Level Blocking

System Setup

TECH-3a Configure Metcash for Electronic Invoice Pickup

TECH-3b Configure a Supplier for Rymac Electronic Orders and Invoices

TECH-3c Configure Automatic Reports

TECH-3d Configure Automatic Order Settings

TECH-3e Configure AR Account Statements

TECH-3f Configure EPay Electronic Products

TECH-3i Configure Emailing of Direct Orders and EOP Statements

Codes and Descriptions

TECH-4a Configure Perpetual 'Live' Inventory

TECH-4b Configure Department Hierarchies

TECH-4c Configure Customer Groups

TECH-4d Configure Special Customer Pricing

TECH-4e Configure Product Groups

TECH-4f Configure Custom Markdown Percentages

TECH-4g Clean or Merge Range Description Codes



TECH-5a Programming a POS Scanner

Image by Patrick Perkins
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