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Whether you have 3, 10, or 20+ locations, our Head Office Solution makes it easy to manage all your stores.​



Central Management Icon.png

Centralised Management

Central management of store level configuration: a must for any geographically spread group of stores

Centralised support and control of pricing and promotions

Sync and Reporting Cion.png

Data Sync & Reporting

Real-time data synchronization and flexibility for scheduled or immediate maintenance provide you with sophisticated reporting capabilities from day one.

Customer Icon.png

Shared Customer Database

Maintain a central customer database and EOP cycle

Asset 27.png

Shared Loyalty Programs

Run your loyalty program across multiple locations to recognise and reward your customers wherever they shop in your network.

Inventory Control Icon

Total Inventory Control

Supports central ordering, invoicing, and deal claims.

Zones Icon.png

Zones & Segmentation

Include banners and zones to operate with different costs/retails/default suppliers across zones.

Need a solution to manage a network of stores? Speak to us about how we can give you the flexibility and control you need from a Head Office System.
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