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The #1 in global self-checkout shipments since 2003! Our self-checkout solution has been acclaimed by RBR (2021) as the world's best for over 20 years.


Surefire Systems partners with NCR retail solutions to deliver our customers a self-checkout solution that is focused on speed and security to reduce wait times for customers.

60% of shoppers are put off by long checkout queues (eMarketer, 2020). Surefire gives you and your customers a recognised and easy-to-use checkout experience.




NCR Hardware

An all imaging bi-optic scanner (the RealScan™ 79), can read 1 and 2-dimensional mobile barcodes, maximising scanning performance and speed.

Cashier Mode Icon.png

Flexible Footprints & Cashier Mode

Flexible and versatile footprints give you the options you need to suit your store design.

Seamless transition to cashier mode for complete flexibility whenever you need it.

Tender Options Icon_1.png

Tender Options

NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout
integration offers advanced global cash and coin capabilities.

As a standard feature on every unit, bunch note handling allows multiple notes to be fed into the unit at a time, making it fast and convenient for your shoppers.

Speak to us today to see how Surefire Systems can give you seamless POS solutions for frictionless service and transactions.
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