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Our Android-based mobile solution takes Surefire POS to the selling floor.  Moveable and Mobile to serve customers when and where needed.


  • Action product tasks - check details, update prices, request tickets

  • Action Inventory tasks - perform a stocktake, raise orders, record receipts, and more

  • Web-based

  • Android compatible

  • Permission-controlled access by ‘staff type’

  • Markdown labels

  • Queue Busting sales app



Input Icon.png

Flexible Input Options

Supervisor Icon.png

Supervisor Mode

Promo Icon.png

Promotions & Offers

​Our smart design options give you fast navigation for frictionless transactions.

  • Dynakey, keyboard, and touch-screen capable 

  • Fully configurable ‘fast’ keys (Quick Items) 

Multi-path selling options give you the choices for how you add items and change things like price and quantity. Keeping the sale flowing, and maintaining centralised controls where you need them.

Gives flexibility to create both simple and targeted promotions to attract more sales.

EFTPOS Icon.png

Multi-tender & EFTPOS Integration

Mobility Icon.png

Mobility With Android mPOS

With an extensive partner network, Surefire are accredited in payment methods to suit every shopper, however they want to transact. Check out our integration parter list here.

Our Android-based Mobile POS (mPOS) solutions mean your staff untether from the counter and serve your customers from the shop floor or out in the wild. Meet your customer where they want to be met.

Speak to us today to see how Surefire Systems can give you seamless POS solutions for frictionless service and transactions.
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