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Surefire Business Intelligence (BI), analytics and reporting tools put the information and power in your hands! Build customisable reports and deep-dive into the data that matters most. 

Run or automate the reporting you need to provide actionable data and insights to help you optimise store or product performance.

Easily report on:

  • Markdowns and clearance stock

  • Promotions

  • Payments

  • Department summaries

  • Store productivity

  • Top 100 and/or bottom 100 product performance

  • Transaction journals

  • Stocktake valuation

  • Customer accounts

  • Loyalty programs and incentives

  • and much, much more!

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Our powerful and flexible business intelligence platforms give you all the data reporting and insights you need to measure and manage your business to success.

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Accelerate analytics adoption and increase data literacy with stunning and highly functional data layouts

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Central Data Governance

Design the building blocks that maintain a single version of truth across all operations.


Data Security

Integrate security from day one and apply specific access controls.



Scale trusted analytics with a foundation of strong data governance.



Automate what you need when you need to run your business at lightspeed.

Speak to us today to see how Surefire Systems can give you full visibility and control over your retail data to find actionable insights.


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MicroStrategy pride themselves in providing a platform that delivers a powerful data experience. More than just "pretty dashboards", MicroStrategy and Surefire combine to help you deliver a personalised experience that brings together analytics and insights from both in-store and online operations. 

Analytics for all
  • Cloud-agile analytics for any-scale data volume and reporting

  • HyperIntelligence: Effortless answers in everyday applications

  • Embed branded analytics into your apps to empower every user

Unlimited scalability. Low TCO. Quick
Easy for everyone.
Effortless answers.
Designed for security & trust.
Built for openness.
Get the most from your Surefire data.
Optimise and grow
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